Child Visas

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A parent (biological or step-parent; there is a separate visa for adopted children) who is an Australian permanent resident can sponsor a child under 25 to travel to and live in Australia. The child must be dependent on the sponsor, which for the purposes of the visa means that they must rely on the parent to meet their basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. This does not need generally to be proven for under-18s; for over-18s, the child must be a full time student or have a disability that prevents them from working to support themselves.

The parent must provide accommodation and financial assistance for two years if the visa is approved, and must have the legal right to determine where the child will live, either as the sole parent, consent by anyone else with parental responsibility or through the order of a court. Child must not be engaged, married, never been married or had a de facto partner and must be of good character. An Assurance of Support to ensure the applicant does not have to rely on welfare payments may be required. Both the sponsor and spouse (if relevant) must not have a conviction or an outstanding charge for an offence against a child.

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